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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Only 2 weeks of my Kickstarter campaign left to go!

Only $205 raised with 14 days to go to reach my goal of $15,000. I created a few mp3 samples from Mp3MyMp3 a great freeware sound recording program that works beautifully in helping me record these mp3 samples I shared with all of the backers and visitors on my Kickstarter page. You can look at the updates and listen to the mp3 samples here, here, and here.

I'm going to be doing a video update which I'll post on my campaign page soon, just to let everyone know how things are going and how I'm preparing for my first recording session on my first harp album. I definitely need my my project funded or else how can I order CD supplies and professionally done covers for the homemade CDs containing Celtic and Gospel songs played on my harp whether it's on a harpsicle harp or on a concert grand pedal harp if I can't raise 15K? Every dollar pledge to KS will be put towards buying my own concert grand harp which I'll use to record my first album in the comforts of my own home, then produce and sell copies of the CDs to people interested in buying them for their listening pleasure. If the campaign fails, all of the donations will get refunded back to you and I won't be able to record my first album at all, which is a crying shame.

So I need your help. Spread the word and support my Kickstarter project and have it go viral all over the WWW so that this campaign can be fully funded by April 26th so that I'll commence with the making of the harp album and own a concert grand harp at the same time.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Only 21 Days to go to back my $15,000 Kickstarter Campaign!

Fellow backers, new and old. Thank you very much for backing The Owosso Harpist - The Harp Album project on Kickstarter. I'm now almost at a halfway point where things are getting pretty slow and not much is happening. To recap, I have $195 in pledges raised which is a looooong way to go before I reach $15,000. Still that doesn't mean this campaign to raise funds to record my first harp album will fail. I'm asking everyone reading this site to spread the word about my project and if you haven't done it already, please by all means make a pledge to my project and help me reach 15K by April 26th which is the deadline for my campaign.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Heartfelt Thanks for Supporting #Kickstarter #Crowdfunding!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting and backing my project. It's no April Fools Joke that my Kickstarter campaign is still going strong with 5 backers thus far and only 24 days left to go. Please continue to support my homemade harp album project and help me raise 15K to record my first harp album in the comforts of my own home.

Earlier this morning I pulled this April Fool's Joke on Twitter.
Yes, This Tweet is meant to be an April Fools Joke. The truth is I'm not cancelling Kickstarter for any reason this time. No April Fools Joke here. This project will run until the whole project is fully funded. Then I'll commence with the recording of my first homemade harp album.

Later, I'll post on this blog, my Kickstarter updates, Facebook, and Twitter MP3 files and video updates of songs I play on the harp which are improvements of earlier versions where I find myself messing up and not being able to get the music flowing like it should. This is to encourage everyone to jump onto the Kickstarter bandwagon and back my project and let everyone know how things are improving on my music skills and how I'm familiar I am with the music pieces.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

#Kickstarter Campaign's back! See! I told you it'll be brief.

Didn't take long at all. My Kickstarter campaign is back with a new goal set at 15K with a much more reasonable list of rewards I hope you'll like: An autographed CD, a DVD, hand made drawings, and free MP3 and video downloads. There's a limit availability on the rewards due to the costs of shipping the items, paying Amazon and Kickstarter fees, and other expenses. So if you want to take advantage of what available in the rewards section, now's the time to do so.

Hopefully I won't have to cancel and relaunch the project again. Ever since last night, I've done some homework on how to set up reasonable goals for my Kickstarter campaign to where I'll have what it takes to cover the costs of absolutely everything (I hope) including the fees, the shipping, the setting up the studio which will include a concert grand harp of my very own which is the exact reason why I started the Kickstarter campaign to begin with. To have those who are big fans of Kickstarter help me raise funds for a concert grand harp of my own which I'll use to record Celtic and Gospel songs I'll put on my homemade CD and sell them to people enjoy listening to my music.

Getting the campaign to say that I'm recording a harp CD rather than telling everyone that I'm raising funds for a concert harp is the only way I can get Kickstarter to accept my page due to their policy involving accepting only temporary projects and rejecting permanent projects like funding a concert grand harp. So this Kickstarter campaign is for both to raise funds for a concert grand harp of my very own and to record a homemade CD. Believe me. If you want to see and hear me performing songs on a wonderful concert grand harp like I want to myself, I'm sure you'll appreciate what I'm trying to do.

I'm still running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a concert grand harp like I have twice before, and yet I never got any substantial results from it no matter how much money I spent buying good advertisement for it and making offline donations to the campaign. This is why I'm focusing more on Kickstarter for better results than Indiegogo although I've spent $159 on advertisement for the Indiegogo campaign. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ditch the Indiegogo campaign and focus only on Kickstarter and see how it all works out. A waste of money maybe, but I'm finding Kickstarter to be the better choice for me and perhaps I can get much better results with Kickstarter than the other platform.     

So I'm sticking with Kickstarter and ask everyone that you share this link to your Facebook Timeline, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social sites and if you up to being generous backer a donation of any size would mean a lot to me! Here's the link. Start sharing.

The Owosso Harpist - The Harp Album
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#Kickstarter to be relaunched tomorrow.

Sorry I had to cancel my Kickstarter campaign. I had to recalculate how much will I had to spend to cover the costs of shipping all of the rewards, paying Kickstarter and Amazon fees, and setting up my studio where I can start playing my concert harp and record my homemade CD. Here's what I did. I increased my goal from 12K to 14K right after I recalculated my budget to find that the grand total of the costs to cover everything is way over the 12K limit. So I had to change my funding goal and decrease the limit on how many rewards available to make sure that I cover the costs of everything and try not to be short on cash when the campaign is over and I reach or exceed my goal.

The campaign is under review as I type. Just like the last one, I'm certain it will get approved, likely tomorrow. Then I'll relaunch it, spread the word about it on Facebook and Twitter, buy advertising promotions when I get paid this week, and invite everyone all over WWW to back my project if they wish. Starting tomorrow when it's approved, I'll relaunch the campaign, spread the word, and hope for the best.