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Sunday, June 23, 2013

21 Million dollars wasted on building a stupid "museum" that won't last

I came across an article from The Skeptical Teacher entitled " Creation Museum Running Out of Cash and Going Extinct?" giving out the lowdown on how the skinkin' crackhouse operated by Ken Dumb Idiot Ham is losing both business and money.
In an interesting, though not very surprising, development, it seems the Creation Museum in Kentucky is running out of money.  And it seems the problem is that, like creationism itself, there is nothing new or different about the exhibits at this “museum”. The irony is that Ken Ham and other creationists claim the Creation Museum is doing scientific work which proves creationism to be true, yet since the place opened 5 years ago nothing has changed and no new “creation science” research has appeared.
Go read the article. It's no surprise that the fake museum is losing money and attendance. No one's going to waste big bucks going over there and learning nothing. Absolutely nothing. The "museum" is one big joke. 21 million dollars wasted on a piece of %^&* that won't last long.

Now compare that to the real prestigious museums that change exhibits frequently to met up with the discoveries and changes in scientific thinking. Millions and millions of people visit the likes of Field Museum of Natural History, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, and so many others. There's always something new over there and the prices are pretty cheap. One can go into such places and spent hours and hours marveling at the exhibits the museums have to offer.

Not so with Ham's idiot crackhouse! It's always the same ol' same ol'. Same old dungy animatronics, same old religious plaques, same ol' stupidity, lies, falsehoods, and slander and the prices there are incredibly high. It no wonder that there's a 90% change of the Ark Park to never be built and the amusement park so rightfully called to shut its doors for good and all that 21 million dollars get flushed down the drain.       
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