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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mystery Solved: The school paper came from a Christian school.

Last time, the dad, whose 4th grade daughter brought home a school paper containing some disgusting lies coming out of the likes of Answers in Genesis' own Dumb Idiot Ken Ham, refuses to tell anyone where the paper came from until he takes his daughter out of school at the end of the school year. curious to where the paper came from decided to do some snooping around to find out which school is behind the paper. In the end it turned out to be none other than Blue Ridge Christian Academy, the school advocating this kind of bullcrap coming from Ham himself whose latest emotional tailspin focus on receiving what he calls "vicious emails" mostly coming from people who couldn't believe that a school like Blue Ridge Christian Academy would teach something like this.

"This science test was originally posted on r/atheism. picked it up thinking it was a hoax. Surely, no one with their wits about them would teach a child these things. Sadly, this is an actual test. This is what passes for “science” in at least one Christian school.

I truly fear for humanity.
What do you fear for in humanity, Ham? Do you fear that humanity will all together rise up and reject your idiocy outright because all you have is lies and fairy tales while science and reality has mountains of evidence confirming that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago long before humans evolved? Well guess what? Great multitudes of them have already have!
These atheists have willfully suppressed the truth that there is a Creator and that His Word is true. We need to sincerely pray that these people will come to repentance and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ before it’s too late.
It's already too late, Ham. They willfully suppressed the so-called truth because it's all nothing more than lies and made-up stories. Praying that things go your way won't work. There's nothing that can lead atheists to "repentance" and acceptance of your young earth idiocy, your so-called "Gospel of Jesus Christ" because they knew and accept the fact that what you advocate, Ham, is all pretend unlike evolution and "millions of years" that both have mountains of evidence confirming them to be fact.    
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