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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well what do you know, The Gish Galloper Has Croaked!

Looks like Gish have gone to meet his maker. I just got word from The Sensuous Curmudgeon that Duane T. Gish, the inventor of the Bombardier Beetle, Bullfrog, and Parasaurolophus lies and the master of the Infamous Gish Gallop Ploy has croaked.

From DoubtFul News -- Duane Gish, Senior Vice-President Emeritus for the Institute of Creation Research, anti-evolutionist, died on March 5 at the age of 91. Gish was one of the world’s most infamous Creationist writers and debaters. His ploy was to not use the evidence (which Creationism lacks) in an argument but to use rhetorical devices. He was best known for his irritating method of debate where he would rapidly fire arguments and “facts” at his opponent and change the topic. Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, named this the “Gish Gallop.” In this technique, he could talk and talk and not say anything of meaning but put on a good show making it difficult for the other to answer. He had debated some famous skeptics including Michael Shermer and Massimo Pigliucci. This annoying tactic has since been identified in other debaters who lack good evidence for their claims but wish to appeal to the crowd. You will hear “gish galloping” used as a common pejorative these days.
I offer no sympathies, no condolences, and no respect for him, the late, not-so-great Henry Moronic Morris, and the other young earth creationists dead and alive. They don't deserve any of these things due to the great harm they brought upon science, history, and reality through lies, slander, false and hypocritical accusations, deceit, made up stories, falsehoods and fairy tales.

Gish was the author of several creationist books including 2 pseudo-dinosaur books Dinosaurs: Those Terrible Lizards and the rehash version of the book Dinosaur by Design - two books I debunked at my main Stupid Dinosaur Lies website. His arguments is always that of one complete denial and stupidities after another from denial of transitional fossils to making up lies and falsehoods that cause people like me to point and laugh at. Heck. He was the one who invented all those ridiculous claims about crested hadrosaurs harboring fire breathing glands that don't exist, two certain chemicals inside the bombardier beetle's body exploding when mixed together while they in fact don't, and the false comparison of the bullfrog protein being no different than human protein -- and still continuously hold on to them even when they were shown to be false, made up, and totally pathetically stupid many times over. He inspired the "Gish Gallop" term where he rapidly says one thing and change the subject at the last minute leaving the debater no time to respond to his drivels. And now, thankfully, he won't be engaging in such debates anymore. While he tries to used his Gish Gallop tactics on St Peter in an attempt to go through the pearly gates, we can continue to point fingers and laugh at all those silly claims he invented while he was alive engaging in being a big pathetic stupid fool he was.

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