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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ham's Hypocritical Rants About Zach Kopplin

Once again, Ken Dumb Idiot Ham is up to his hypocritical rants. This time he's going after this young gentleman who's making life for creationists a living hell.

Zack Kopplin is a 19 year old powerhouse who's not afraid to expose the deception behind creationism. He wastes no time speaking out especially against the Louisiana Science Education Act which is a bill passed in 2008 that violates separation of church and state by imposing young earth creationist dogma in science classes all throughout the state. Kopplin's winning efforts to expose the lies of creationism have prompted Ol' Dumb Idiot Ham to rant about Kopplin's crusade to banish lies and ignorance in the guise of science and restore scientific education the way it should be taught in schools.
Kopplin is simply pushing an atheistic agenda driven by a belief in evolution and an unwillingness to think critically about the claims that underlie it. Obviously, Kopplin has not been taught critical thinking skills in these areas. He is a product of the system and cannot see that.

Stinkin' liar! He was, too taught to engage in critical thinking which leads him to oppose creationism and ignorance all together! Critical thinking is exactly what Ham won't teach in his idiot drivels. Instead he simply rant on and on hypocritically, promote slanderous propaganda (such as in the latest issue of Answers where Ham puts an image and likeness of Kopplin on the front cover of his idiot magazine to slanderously attack him), teach fairy tales in the guise of science, and challenge those who oppose him to a senseless debate. Believe me, when it comes to science and evolution, trying to debate with the likes of this 19 year old would be a losing battle 100%. Ham needs to look in a mirror and say the same things he says about Kopplin to himself. For everything Ham claims about Kopplin is exactly what Ham and his creationist idiots do themselves!     
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