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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ham: No one rode dinosaurs. Me: What do you call this?!

All those years Ken Dumb Idiot Ham tells his followers not to compromise and yet he turns around and compromise on his own. Case in point: The latest interview on Google+ live chat where he was asked about how did people domesticate dinosaurs if dinosaurs and humans once lived at the same time a few thousands of years ago. Get a load of his answer:

Ham: (pause) Well, I need to get paid overtime for this question… I seems we’re a bit over our time.
I don’t know where people get the idea that people rode dinosaurs. I mean, there’s no evidence in the Bible that that is so. When Job was looking at Behemoth, the description there… there’s nothing to do with people riding dinosaurs. We don’t know how people interacted with dinosaurs.

YOU'RE FULL OF BULL%$#&, HAM! If you think humans never rode dinosaurs, what do you call this,.. (from your idiot book Stupid Dinosaurs of Eden)?

and this,....

 and this, too?

Looks like you're accepting the notion of people riding dinosaurs to me? Proof that no matter how much you tell your followers not to compromise, you turn around and compromise yourself on how humans allegedly dealt with dinosaurs (of non-avian types) if they both alleged to have lived at the same time 6,000 years ago. It's obvious you're only making up fanciful images of people riding these mythical "missionary lizards" of yours, borrowing from the likes of Dinotopia along the way, for your 3 ring circus so you can profit from your gullible followers who believe in this bull&*^% you promote in your stupid little crackhouse!  

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