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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Library of Stupid (Book scanned version)

This is an update of an older post I made that mentions the book scans, yet immediately jumps to the personal rants I made about what happened to me years ago that forced me into this abusive creationist deathtrap. I plan to separate them so that the posts will stay on topic. Now then... 

There are spectacular artwork made by celebrated paleoartists including the ones mentioned in Dinosaur Art: The World's Greatest Paleoart worthy to be masterpieces elevated right up there with the Mona Lisa. And then there's the paleoartwork worthy only for toilet paper, not to mention the garbage can. These are the dinosaur art made by those in league with young earth creationists who drew and paint horrible dinosaur imagery in the face of all of the physical evidence revealing to us that dinosaurs were far from being big scaly reptiles that mindlessly romp and roar and go extinct across the pages of a vintage comic book. Once again I pollute myself by diving into the Library of Stupid and salvage various scans taken from many prominent creationist books out there such as Dinosaurs by Design, The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible, Dinosaurs of Eden, Dinosaurs for Kids, Dinosaurs and The Bible, and D is for Dinosaur: A Rhyme Book are More. All of them are published by Master Books, the book publisher formed to published only creationist materials because no other book publisher is going to publish such idiot nonsense and blatant falsehoods about the earth being a few thousand years old and dinosaurs once lived with humans.

This is the scanning edition of The Library of Creationist Stupid where I will show you dinosaurs images I scanned from many of their idiot books so you'll get the idea of what these books contain without wasting a few dollars and brain cells buying these great stupidities.

The first ones above are scans of dinosaur images taken from When Dragon Hearts Were Good by Buddy Davis, the creationist who claims he allegedly found unfossilized remains of hadrosaur bones in Alaska. The worst part about this book is that this book, written in a fairy tale fashion, targets small children and brainwashes them into believing that those mythical fire breathing dragons, like the ones in the 1st and 4th pictures, are real and to never telling a dinosaur from a dragon because they both allegedly look the same.

The second group above is scanned from Paul Taylor's The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible. Just look how horribly wrong the dinosaurs are drawn in the face of all of the physical evidence revealing that the dinosaurs were nothing at all like what is shown in the book. Especially the 2 Dilophosaurus that are wrongly  illustrated to be plant and berry eaters while in reality they're both clearly carnivorous dinosaurs eating only meat and nothing else.

And finally here above are the scenes from Ken Dumb idiot Ham's Dinosaurs for Kids (Rather Stupid Dinosaurs for Kids) where the dinosaurs are illustrated to act like lizards, be the monsters that exist only in mythology (i.e. Leviathan), and just have scales. Note the second pic which depicts what appears to be a drowning Jurassic Park knock off with just a neck fill and no venomous spit and no double crest. This is the creationist way to deny the existence of feathered dinosaurs (which Ham stupidly claims to be (sic) unbiblical) and illustrate the likes of Sinosauropteryx out of a misrepresentation of Alan Feduccia, an evolutionist who claims that the hair-like feathers on the 121 million year old dinosaur is really skinned frill tissues while flat-out denying the fact that the so-called skin tissues are indeed feathers of primitive type.

More scans on the way.
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